Crowds FAQ

Blue Ticks are only available on authenticated Crowds. To begin authentication, please click here.

You can easily make your Crowd private by setting a Join Code ( ⋮ > Join Code). 

Once a Join Code is set, you will need to share it with people you want to give Crowd access to, otherwise they will not be able to join.

Have you set keywords on your Crowd? Sometimes your Crowd might be niche and take a little time to get going. Try sharing it with your friends or fans ( > Share Crowd) and once it gets going our look-a-like AI will do the rest…

If you created the Crowd you can hold down on the message and Delete it. 

If you’re not an admin, you can report the message.

You can kick and ban a member from your Crowd by holding down on their message and scrolling down to Kick User.

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