Engage Your Audience, Amplify Your Event

Building an engaged community around your festival, concert, expo, conference, or any event!

Creating a successful event is not just about the big day; it's about building a community that resonates with your event's purpose and spirit. Brane harnesses the power of shared interests and passions to construct a vibrant community around your event, whether it's an expo, concert, or party. By connecting with attendees who share a genuine interest in your event's theme, you foster deeper engagement and create a buzz that extends far beyond the venue.


Interest-Based Targeting

Connect with an audience that's genuinely interested in your event's theme.

Real-Time Interaction

Foster a dynamic environment for attendees to share and engage in real time.

Feedback and Analytics

Gain valuable insights from your audience to refine and improve future events.

Community Building Tools

Cultivate a dedicated community around your event, ensuring lasting engagement and loyalty.

Best of all, our AI will automatically grow your audience by recommending your Crowd and event to other Brane users who share your existing audience's interests.


One of the standout features of Brane is our innovative BRANE MAPS. This tool intuitively suggests businesses nearby that align with users’ interests. To kickstart this, you simply need to establish a Crowd and invite your existing customers. From there, our smart AI seamlessly handles the rest.

So picture this: Music lovers on Brane who are passionate about live music or connect with the vibe of a particular festival will naturally come across it on their Brane journey, especially when they’re in the vicinity and seeking a musical adventure. Our AI is engineered to observe and learn from these interactions, further recommending the festival’s Crowd to an ever-growing audience of festival enthusiasts. This will work with any type of event, including yours!


"As the organizer of Music Festival, I've always looked for innovative ways to elevate the festival experience. Brane was a game-changer for us. By creating interest-based Crowds, we connected fans with their favorite genres and artists, creating mini-communities within the festival. This led to an incredibly engaged audience, and we saw a significant increase in social media interaction and positive feedback. The real-time polling and feedback we received through Brane helped us adjust our schedules and stages on the go, ensuring a dynamic and attendee-focused festival. It's not just a festival anymore; it's a community of music lovers."
Kim, 32, Germany
"As the lead organizer for a tech conference, our goal was to foster meaningful connections and discussions among industry leaders. Brane's Crowds feature allowed us to create focused groups for various tech sectors, facilitating deeper engagement and targeted networking. The platform's ability to manage breakout sessions and provide real-time updates to attendees ensured a seamless and personalized experience. The post-event analytics were insightful, helping us understand attendee interests and engagement levels. Brane didn't just help us organize an event; it helped us build a thriving tech community."
Alex, 42, Las Vegas
"Organizing our annual charity gala, we wanted to create a more interactive and engaging experience for our donors and supporters. Brane helped us transform the gala into a connected community event. We used Crowds to connect guests based on their philanthropic interests, leading to more meaningful conversations. The live group chat added a fun, interactive element to our dinner, and the real-time feedback we received was invaluable. Thanks to Brane, our gala was not only a fundraising success but also a community-building triumph."
Catherine, 37, London


With Brane, your event isn’t just an occasion; it’s a community experience. From building engagement to post-event analytics, we provide the tools and platform to make your event a resounding success. To elevate your event experience, here are innovative ways you can seamlessly incorporate Brane, making each moment more engaging and memorable.

Interactive Polls & Q&A Sessions

Utilize Brane Crowds to host live interactive polls or Q&A sessions during the event. This can be particularly effective during panel discussions, workshops, or keynote speeches. By creating a Crowd specific to each session or topic, attendees can submit questions or vote in polls in real time, fostering a more dynamic and engaging event experience.

Themed Networking Opportunities

For events like conferences or expos, create Crowds based on specific interest areas or industry sectors. These Crowds can facilitate targeted networking, allowing attendees to connect and engage with others who share similar professional interests or challenges. This approach not only enhances the networking experience but also ensures more meaningful and fruitful connections.

Real-Time Feedback & Crowd Sourced Content

Encourage attendees to join a dedicated "Feedback Crowd" where they can share their experiences, suggestions, and thoughts in real time. This instant feedback loop can be invaluable for event organizers to make on-the-fly adjustments and improvements. Additionally, you can have a "Content Crowd" where attendees contribute photos, videos, and social media posts, creating a rich, crowd-sourced tapestry of the event.

Gamification & Challenges

Introduce a fun and competitive element to your event by setting up gamified challenges or scavenger hunts within the Brane platform. Create specific Crowds for these activities, where attendees can join to receive clues, track their progress, and see how they fare against others. This not only adds an element of excitement but also encourages greater interaction and exploration during the event.


Create a Brane Crowd directly in app!

1. Start a Crowd

Create your unique Crowd, customizing it to reflect your event's theme.

It's completely FREE and easy.

2. Engage Your Audience

Invite existing guests to join using easy share links or a QR code – then watch them chat to one another as you post exclusive content and encourage interaction.

3. GROW your fanbase!

Brane will take care of the rest, naturally recommending your Crowd to other users across our network based on your event's theme and your most dedicated fan's interests!