Connect with Every Cheer

Where passion meets the pitch – unite fans like never before!

Crowds by Brane offers a dynamic group chat for sports clubs and leagues to revolutionize fan engagement. Imagine a virtual stadium where fans from around the globe can come together, share their excitement, and cheer for their favorite team. Whether it's pre-game predictions, live match discussions, or post-game analyses, our Crowds feature provides an unparalleled team-to-fan and fan-to-fan engagement experience, deepening the connection beyond the field.


Community Building

Foster a vibrant community of fans who share a passion for your team, creating a loyal fan base.

Enhanced Engagement

Keep fans engaged with real-time group chats, polls, and exclusive content, boosting fan retention.

Marketing Amplification

Leverage fan insights to tailor marketing strategies, increasing brand visibility and fan base growth.

Support Cost Reduction

Reduce support costs by centralizing fan communications and feedback in a single, interactive platform.

Best of all, our AI will automatically grow your fanbase by recommending your Crowd to other Brane users who share your existing fan's interests and your organization's values.


“As a lifelong football fan, I've always looked for ways to connect with other supporters, especially during away games. Brane's Crowds feature has been a game-changer. It's like having a virtual fan zone where I can chat, debate, and celebrate with fans worldwide. It's enhanced my experience of the game tremendously, making every match an event to look forward to.”
Jamie, 24, Portugal
“I manage a fan club for a major basketball team, and using Brane has revolutionized how we engage with our members. The ease of setting up group chats for fans and the ability to share real-time updates and exclusive content has seen our membership and engagement soar. It's incredible to see the community thrive and grow organically on Brane.”
Alex, 22, New York
“Brane has brought a new level of engagement to our sports viewing parties. The second screen experience during live games has been phenomenal - discussing plays, sharing instant reactions, and even organizing meet-ups. It's like a virtual sports bar where everyone knows your name and shares your passion!”
Priya, 25, Boston


Create a Brane Crowd directly in app!

1. Start a Crowd

Create your unique Crowd, customizing it to reflect your team's spirit and values. It's completely FREE and easy.

2. Engage Your Fans

Invite existing fans to join using easy share links or a QR code – then watch them chat to one another as you post exclusive content and encourage fan-to-fan interaction.

3. GROW your fanbase!

Brane will take care of the rest, naturally recommending your Crowd to other users across our network based on your team's values and your most dedicated fan's interests!