The Power of Community for Hospitality

The heart of every successful business – be it cafes, restaurants, bars, or hotels – lies in its ability to create and nurture a community.

Building a community is essential for businesses in the hospitality and service industries. Brane helps you to develop a dedicated following, turning occasional customers into regulars and regulars into advocates. Our Crowds feature allows you to connect with customers based on shared interests, preferences, and experiences, creating a sense of belonging and loyalty.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Utilize Brane to create a lively, interactive space where guests can connect over shared interests, be it a love for gourmet coffee, fine dining, or unique cocktails. This engagement deepens customer relationships and fosters loyalty, while automatically attracting a new interest driven audience.

Tailored Experiences

Gain insights into what your patrons love most. Whether it's a special dish at your restaurant or a themed night at your hotel, use these insights to tailor your services and create bespoke experiences.

Community-Driven Marketing

Let your patrons be your brand ambassadors. Happy customers in your Brane community are more likely to share their positive experiences, organically growing your brand's reach and reputation.

Real-Time Feedback and Trends

Receive immediate feedback and understand emerging trends through your Brane community. This information is invaluable in staying ahead of the curve and continuously improving your offerings.

Best of all, our AI will automatically grow your customers by recommending your business to other Brane users who share your customers' interests.


One of the standout features of Brane is our innovative BRANE MAPS. This tool intuitively suggests businesses nearby that align with users’ interests. To kickstart this, you simply need to establish a Crowd and invite your existing customers. From there, our smart AI seamlessly handles the rest.

So, imagine Brane users who are coffee enthusiasts or resonate with the themes of a specific cafe, like sustainability or a love for travel. They’ll effortlessly find these spots on their Brane map, particularly when they’re nearby and craving a coffee. Our AI is designed to adapt and learn from user preferences, ensuring that it suggests your Crowd to an expanding circle of like-minded individuals.


"Since joining Brane, we've seen a remarkable increase in customer engagement. Our regulars love the group chat where they share coffee tips and our latest brews. It's not just a café now; it's a coffee lover's hub."
Paul, 32, Melbourne
"Brane has revolutionized how we interact with our patrons. Themed drink nights, suggested by our community, have become a huge hit. It's amazing to see our customers become a part of our creative process."
Alex, 42, Las Vegas
"Implementing Brane into our hotel experience with QR codes in the rooms has enhanced our guest experience tremendously. From personalized travel tips shared among guests to feedback on our amenities, we're able to provide a more tailored and enjoyable stay and the community of guests naturally help one another."
Morgan, 29, Sweden


Think of Brane as the bridge that connects your hospitality business with the vibrant world of your customers. Here are some thought starters to inspire how Brane can transform your business:

Event Planning with Input from Patrons

Plan events based on the interests of your community. Whether it's a live music night at your bar or a culinary workshop at your café, involve your patrons in the decision-making process or refer to your analytics to see what other interests your customers share.

Community-Based Menu Development

Engage your community in the creation of your menu. Let them vote on new dishes or suggest their own ideas, making your offerings a true reflection of customer preferences. Give them recipes to take home, and a place to share their photos.

Exclusive Offers for Community Members

Reward your most active community members with exclusive offers and previews. This not only incentivizes engagement but also builds a sense of belonging and exclusivity among your patrons.

Gather and Implement Feedback

Use Brane as a platform to gather real-time feedback from your customers. Whether it’s about a new cocktail at your bar or the ambiance in your hotel, use this feedback to make informed decisions and improvements.

By leveraging the power of Brane, your hospitality business can not only thrive but also create a lasting impression on your guests, turning them into loyal patrons and active community members.


Create a Brane Crowd directly in app!

1. Start a Crowd

Create your unique Crowd, customizing it to reflect your business's theme.

It's completely FREE and easy.

2. Engage Your Audience

Invite existing customers to join using easy share links or a QR code – then watch them chat to one another as you post exclusive content and encourage interaction.

3. GROW your fanbase!

Brane will take care of the rest, naturally recommending your Crowd to other users across our network based on your venue's theme and your most dedicated customers' interests!