Why Brane?


In this digital age, where we’re more connected than ever, it’s a cruel irony that genuine human connection seems to be slipping through our fingers. Social media, for all its promises of bringing us closer, often leaves us in a sea of shallow interactions, void of depth and understanding. The pandemic has only deepened this chasm, with social distancing and lockdowns serving as physical barriers to maintaining meaningful relationships. Add to this a cultural shift towards individualism and the relentless pace of modern life, and we’re left with a cocktail of isolation and disconnection.

The numbers tell a chilling tale. A whopping 71% of millennials report feeling lonely, and this isn’t just the single folks. A surprising 66% of those in marriages or long-term relationships are in the same boat. Loneliness, it seems, isn’t just about being alone; it’s about the absence of meaningful, emotional connections.

And what about Generation Z, the digital natives? Despite being the most wired generation in history, they’re also the loneliest. This is a stark reminder that casual digital connections and followers, while handy, can’t replace the warmth of shared interactions with people who actually care about the same things, whatever they are.

These stats paint a grim picture of a world where “islands” are becoming the norm, not the exception. It’s a wake-up call, a siren sounding the need for solutions that foster genuine, meaningful connections.

This dearth of authentic connection has birthed a global loneliness epidemic. Studies show that chronic loneliness can be as harmful to our health as puffing away 15 cigarettes a day, leading to higher risks of heart disease, stroke, anxiety, depression, and dementia. The emotional toll is just as heavy, with loneliness often leading to a sense of despair and hopelessness.

We’ve all felt the sting of this loneliness at various points in our lives. We’ve searched for genuine connection, for a sense of community around our passions. Be it around new hobbies, or when we moved to new locations, new careers, or just new chapters of our lives. We’ve lived the paradox of feeling alone in a world that’s more connected than ever before. And while loneliness isn’t a pain for all, it’s a slippery slope, and certainly everyone can relate to at one point or another looking for a specific connection, and not being able to find it.

We understand this search for connection, and we’re committed to being part of the solution.

That’s why we set out to create Brane, a social networking platform designed to foster authentic, interest-based conversation. Brane isn’t just about linking people; it’s about weaving a tapestry of community. It’s about helping people find their tribe, those who share their passions and goals, leading to deeper, more meaningful communication and friendships.

Brane is a throwback to the “old school principles” of making friends based on shared passions and common interests, not the number of likes on a post or the latest trends. As the great Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “being social is not about the total number of friendships. It’s about sharing a sense of values, beliefs, and interests.” Brane embodies this sentiment, providing a platform for people to find their crowd, to feel less alone in this world.

So, why Brane? Why us? Because we believe in the power of connection. We believe that a simple chat can spark a friendship, and even save a life. We believe that everyone deserves to feel connected, to feel part of a community, to feel less alone. And we’re committed to making that belief a reality.

Join us in combating the loneliness epidemic, or simply find new friends to talk to. You never know, your casual banter could mean the world to someone else. Let’s spark the conversation… Together.


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